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It was very nearly six years ago since I first released my betting system WinEachWay to the public and what a ride it has been.

We have needed a few updates along the way to keep the system fresh but on the whole it has been a fun and intensely profitable profitable tussle with the bookmakers.

Much like most punters I have been interested in systems and tipsters for years and have had some decent success but also a lot of failure.
For a good few years I followed the wrong tipsters and losing systems and lost a lot of cash from it. One tipster I followed very early on charged £100 a week and lost me another wad before I came to my senses.
On the other hand I have followed some quality people who have paid for many a holiday but these are few and far between.
It is incredibly hard to make money from betting, even if you do succeed for a while the bookies will soon ban you, these days all it takes is a few of your early bets shortening in odds and you will be watched until one wins and that's it, good bye forever.
This is why I like my systems to make money at Befair exchange starting prices, these are prices available to everyone.
Over the years I have added value to my service by constantly trying to improve the systems while coming up with new ones to help improve profits.
This year we have five systems to keep us busy, some are national hunt only and some are flat only so we won't be betting them all at the same time, we will have a nice amount of bets and solid profits.
Each of these systems is worth more than the yearly subscription, I have been criticized for selling my service too cheap but I want it to be available for everyone and I don't need to be greedy, I love the emails I get from people and this is mainly why I do it.

Take a look at the results from our systems

All Year Round

WinEachWay 2018/19 (Flat and Jumps) Win Market

All Year Round

WInEachWay 2 (National Hunt)  Win market

November To April

WEW Distance (National Hunt) Win Market

November To April

WEW Headgear Jumps 2018/19 place market any odds

May To October

WEW Headgear (flat) Place Market

May To October

WEW Distance (flat)  Win Market

Making money from a tipster is not easy, even the good ones will get you banned from bookmakers in just a few months. This is why all my systems make money at Betfair Starting Price and even at industry starting price.

"Most services don't last a year, six years in a massive achievement, well done"

In the past we have relied on one or two systems to make our profits, this is fine but we did get periods without bets and losing periods that were easily manageable but frustrating all the same.
Last year I introduced two new systems to our portfolio specifically built for the flat season. I am happy to report a healthy profit from both systems 30 and 50 points respectively.
These serve as a nice extra to our main WinEachWay system.
WEW Headgear and WEW Distance are built on similar principles as our main system but with two different killer angles that have served us very well during the flat season and will do even better with National Hunt races.

"I don't know how you do it, these new systems are ace!"

Steven Cooper

"WinEachWay strikes again, great win, AGAIN!"

Mark Salisbury

"Loving the new systems so far, long may it continue, thanks"

Scott Wilson

We won't be snowed under with bets, these systems are very selective, its going to be fun and its only open to 45 new customers. This is because most of my members joined for another year. I will not over subscribe the service, I close it down at a 100 members and it will not be open for another year.

"This is probably the best value advisory service you will ever see"

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This works out at less than £25 per system per year, that is less than £2 a month for each system

£12.50 a month is ridiculous value compared to most services and this one actually makes profit

You will receive the selections from each system the night before racing for a year


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