This incredible package contains the latest version of WinEachWay PLUS last years hit Pedigree Profits PLUS The latest in a long line of profitable systems but that isn't even the half of it......

It was very nearly 5 years ago since I first released my betting system WinEachWay to the public and what a ride it has been.
We have needed a few updates along the way to keep the system fresh but on the whole it has been a fun and intensely profitable profitable tussle with the bookmakers.

Much like most punters I have been interested in systems and tipsters for years and have had some decent success but also a lot of failure.
For a good few years I followed the wrong tipsters and losing systems and lost a lot of cash from it. One tipster I followed very early on charged £100 a week and lost me another wad before I came to my senses.
On the other hand I have followed some quality people who have paid for many a holiday but these are few and far between.
It is incredibly hard to make money from betting, even if you do succeed for a while the bookies will soon ban you, these days all it takes is a few of your early bets shortening in odds and you will be watched until one wins and that's it, good bye forever.
This is why I like my systems to make money at Befair exchange starting prices, these are prices available to everyone.
Over the years I have added value to my service by constantly trying to improve the systems while coming up with new ones to help improve profits.
This year is different , let me tell you why.

In the past we have relied on one or two systems to make our profits, this is fine but we did get periods without bets and losing periods that were easily manageable but frustrating all the same.
Last year I included Pedigree Profits with WinEachWay. I am happy to report a profit from the system. A few months ago I added a new service to give us three systems which has done excellently and added over 40 points in just 2 months.
This year however is different again. I am including in this service 6 of the best systems I have ever bet on including a football service that I am most excited about, this service alone has yielded over 100 points since the start of the season all from less than 10 bets a week.
We won't be snowed under with bets, these systems are very selective, its going to be fun and its only open to 30 new customers. This is because most of my members joined for another year.

"This is probably the best value advisory service you will ever see"

Only £129 for the year to have all the selections sent to you daily

fade-leftfade-rightThis works out at £21.5 per system per year

Or just £1.79 per system per month

A results sample from our football service, full results on a pdf above

A sample of results from another one of our profitable systems

A recent sample of results from our new system All Weather Firsts

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